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Comware 7 Policy Based Routing - PBR

How to configure policy based routing (PBR) on an HP Comware 7 Switch

The setup is identical to my Provision guide see the picture below.

The router in the picture above (.254) has a default gateway of However, I want traffic sourced from the to.

1. Only use the switches default gateway for any traffic to
2. Use (the firewall) for any traffic to the internet.

Configuration Steps

Create a PBR Node called CUSTOMER01-PBR, and match it on ACL 3001 - note the 'deny' statement.

policy-based-route CUSTOMER01-PBR deny node 10
 if-match acl 3001

Create a PBR Node called CUSTOMER01-PBR, and match it on ACL 3002 - note the 'permit' statement, and the new next hop

policy-based-route CUSTOMER01-PBR permit node 11
 if-match acl 3002
 apply next-hop

Now create the ACL's - this first ACL matches on any internal traffic to or

acl number 3001 name CUSTOMER01-PBR-INTERNAL-TRAFFIC
 rule permit ip source destination
 rule permit ip source destination

All other networks (including - so make sure you don't need that network internally!)

acl number 3002 name CUSTOMER01-PBR-EXTERNAL-TRAFFIC
 rule permit ip destination

And here's where the magic happens, apply the PBR to the VLAN interface.

interface vlan 10
ip policy-based-route CUSTOMER01-PBR

Note you can also apply this to an actual switchport interface if you prefer.

interface Gi1/0/10
ip policy-based-route CUSTOMER01-PBR