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SNMPv3 and IMC

How to configure HP ProCurve switches with IMC and SNMP version 3

Log into the switch, and enter config mode - then you run the SNMPv3 wizard - make up some random passwords on the wizard as we will remove this user later.

Switch(config)# snmpv3 enable

SNMPv3 Initialization process.
Creating user 'initial'
Authentication Protocol: MD5
Enter authentication password: *************
Privacy protocol is DES
Enter privacy password: *************

User 'initial' has been created
Would you like to create a user that uses SHA? [y/n] n
User creation is done.  SNMPv3 is now functional.
Would you like to restrict SNMPv1 and SNMPv2c messages to have read only
access (you can set this later by the command 'snmpv3 restricted-access')? [y/n] y

You can see I've created a basic user called initial, and restricted SNMPv1 and V2 access to read only

I want to now create a more secure user, with SHA and AES-128

snmpv3 user swsnmpv3user auth sha authenticationpassword priv aes encryptionpassword

Add the user to the managerpriv group

snmpv3 group managerpriv user swsnmpv3user sec-model ver3

Now delete the user which was automatically created by running the wizard earlier

no snmpv3 user initial

Now, in IMC navigate to System - SNMP Template - Add SNMP Template, and enter the details you created above
IMC Configuration

You can then discover the device in IMC using this template

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