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Upgrade HP SDN Controller to 2.4.6 / Fresh Install

How to remove the existing VAN SDN Controller, purge data, and the install the HP VAN SDN Controller to the latest version.... 2.4.6

I completely remove the SDN v2.0 controller, and any apps first as I wanted to start from a clean slate - but there are upgrade procedures in the install guide if you need to just do an upgrade

SSH into the SDN Controller

Purge the SDN controller, keystone, and any apps, such as protector (shown below)

sudo dpkg --purge hp-sdn-ctl hp-network-protector
sudo apt-get purge keystone
sudo rm -Rf /var/lib/keystone/

Follow my install guide for 2.4 - here


Before you start the controller, there is a current issue with accessing the HP SDN controller with Chrome / Firefox due to a recent browser patch which prevents you logging onto websites which use SSL v3.0 because of all the recent MitM vulnerabilities.

to fix it, I followed this:

Then start your controller :)