This purpose of this site, is to help others overcome basic networking tasks from vendors such as HP, Cisco and Juniper, without having to re-invent the wheel each time.

I created this site mainly as a reference site for myself, it will forever just be in its 'early stages', and I am still continuing to grow the content here. If you want to submit any articles, complain about the content, or offer some feedback, then feel free to Contact Me. I've had to remove the Disqus comments sections.

So, who am I? I'm a network contractor, and have around 12 years experience in networking. My roles have varied from support to implementation, and have encompassed Telephony, Wireless, Security, Routing & Switching & Datacentre networking, on HPE, Aruba, Juniper and Cisco hardware.

The reason why I created NetworkTasks, is mainly a reference for myself. I would be required to deploy a solution for a customer, I would then work on other projects/sites for a number of months, and find that a different customer wanted a similar solution - but I would only have half hearted notes and snippets of a notepad file buried somewhere deep within my laptop to help me. I thought, if I'm doing these tasks regularly, then I should spend a little bit more time writing up what I've done, and then publish them as it may also help others out there.

Thanks to Greg Ferro, Jeremy Stretch, Ethan Banks and Lyndsay Hill for your blogs, technical tips and podcasts. You should really check out their sites & the packet pushers podcasts.

Content is being added sporadically, so make sure you check back, and please feel free to Contact Me to give me some feedback. My privacy policy can be found here.