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IMC Alarm System

iMC alarm system found event (Link UP) and event (Link DOWN) had 3 intermittent failures from date/time to date/time

Link flaps shouldn't be taken too lightly. First, dig into the alarm to find out what device and what port is causing it, then log into the switch and issue

show logg -r

Check to make sure you don't receive any of the errors below, otherwise you will need to fix the problem!!

W 12/12/14 14:25:13 02672 FFI: ST1-CMDR: port 2/5-Excessive link state transitions

I noticed the above alert was detecting link flaps - specifically, three flaps in 30 seconds.  The majority of these, appeared to be false positives to I wanted to amend the timers so that it was a little less sensitive.

In IMC, navigate to Alarm / Trap Management / Filtering Trap.

Intermittent Trap

Click the Modify button, and I increased the amount of link flaps from 3, to 5, as per the picture below:

Trap Settings