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IMC Denied Access

IMC has to be properly configured with SNMP credentials to ensure that it can access the MIB's on devices, you may receive the following errors

Trap Name:  Device Denied SNMP Access
Severity:  Major
Trap Time:  2016-05-30 19:41:43
Description:  Device "My Network Switch" denied access.


Trap of Source:  MYSWITCH (
Location:  Home
Contact:  "Network Admins"
Trap Name:  Authentication Failure
Severity:  Warn
Trap Time:  2016-05-31 07:15:23
Description:  Device receives an SNMP message with an erroneous community string

These messages are almost always related to the device itself (the switch, firewall etc), denying access to IMC. If you log onto the device in question, and look at the log files then you will often find the times match polls by the IMC server.

Ensure that you have 

1. Set the correct SNMP credentials set for the device, and the correct SSH username & password configured. 

2. If you have a read only SNMP device, remove the write string from the IMC configuration

3. Check using the net-snmp tool to ensure that you can read the device correctly - Install this on your IMC server directly.

- Download from here

Once installed, in command prompt, try to query the device manually, eg.

snmp-walk -v 2c -c public

If your SNMP Walk fails, then log into the device and verify you have set up SNMP correctly according to the manufacturers instructions, or check out my SNMP v3 configuration page

For more information on setting up access templates, so you can manage multiple device credentials, then look here