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IMC Errors

Problem upgrading HP IMC from 7.0 to 7.1

I ran into this error recently when upgrading IMC from 7.0 to 7.1

IMC Upgrade Error

File being used, please manually delete the following folder and try again: c:\Program Files\iMC\deploy\jdk

I do not recommend that you delete the jdk folder - there is a lock on one of the files, and deleting the folder will cause you a bit of a headache.

Remediation Steps

  • Cancel the upgrade
  • Load IDM
  • Turn off the IMC automatic start
  • Restart the IMC server and try the upgrade again
You can also use task manager to kill any running java entries

If you have deleted the folder

Don't fret, you can just copy it back from another installed source

If you don't have one, then install iMC onto your local PC, and copy the c:\Program Files\iMC\deploy\jdk onto the server, and try the install again

Problem importing software into HP IMC

When trying to import software / switch firmware into IMC v7.1 E303 - you encounter the following error:

Reading or Writing file failed. Possible causes: 1. File does not exist. 2.File name exceed max length.

I found that there was an issue in permissions when reading and writing to the database, a customer had revoked the SA permissions i used to initally install IMC. Once we had re-configured this user, all was well.

Problem upgrading HP IMC from 7.2 E0405 to 7.2 E0405P05

I had a problem when upgrading IMC to the latest 7.2 patch. I initially upgraded the base IMC Standard package for Windows - but received a java popup window failure - unfortunately I didn't take a screenshot, but dmalog showed the following error:

Can not find java-monitor configurations in deploy configs, but found in update configs

The modules I was attempting to upgrade:

IMC 7.2 Standard Windows E0405 --> IMC 7.2 Standard Windows E0405P05
WSM 7.2 E0502                             --> WSM 7.2 E0502P05
NTA 7.2 E0401                             --> NTA 7.2 E0401P03
UAM 7.2 E0403                             --> UAM E0405                     --> UAM 7.2 E0405P05

Running a local SQL express DB

I could not work out for the life of me what this meant, but after much log and soul searching, it appeared to be an issue with the UAM database., I guess because it was running a slightly older version than the rest of the modules. So I ran task manager, killed all versions of java, and then ran the upgrade tool again, but this time I upgraded each individual module to the latest patch, IDM prompts you to upgrade the base components each time, so hit cancel and then run and then upgraded the UAM component to E0405.

It them prompted me to carry on the patching of IMC base. Panic over, batch upgraded succeeded.

IMC Failed to connect to database

I got this problem when running a local sql express, and resolved it by following these instructions

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